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About Us

Jim Riley; Partner
Solana Select Palms has been growing palms for over 20 years. It began as a small backyard operation in the seaside community of Cardiff, California in northern San Diego County.

In 1998, owner Jim Riley determined it was not only necessary to build up the inventory, but to also purchase and lease additional land to provide a unique, "from soup to nuts" growing and marketing operation.

This culminated in the purchase of a greenhouse property in Leucadia, California which has since expanded into our primary seed propagation center. We are also fortunate to have a long-term lease for 2.5 acres adjacent to the greenhouses.

This was the perfect scenario in terms of coastal growing grounds for all species of palms.

The increase in new homes and commercial buildings in San Diego County led to building our Queen, Sago, and Canary Palm inventory.

At that point an additional 40 acres of growing grounds was acquired in Ramona, California to assist with meeting our ever increasing demand. This warm, inland environment is the ultimate area for growing these species. It has since allowed us to not only meet demand, but keep well stocked and readily available supplies of these incredibly popular palms.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality products at affordable prices. All our seedlings are overseen at each developmental stage to monitor exactly what their health needs are for them to mature into fully developed healthy trees. From their seed propagation to their debut as a sellable product, no one knows how to cultivate a high quality palm like Solana Select.

Our company is the product of experience and dedication to our customers. We can deliver to almost any site in California. You just give us the time and the place and we will do the rest.

There are a few palm tree nurseries today who propagate seeds through the growing process until they are mature enough to be sold. But Solana Select has one distinct advantage that many other propagation nurseries do not. Our growing grounds are divided up according to which palms grow in what environments the best. This not only minimizes their growth time and propagation cost, but maximizes the quality of the products we sell.

Mike Riley; V.P. Growing Operations

Finally, one of the most common questions we hear from our new customers is, "How can you stay in operation while charging such low prices for trees that are normally so expensive? What's the catch??" There are two very simple answers:

1) After 20 years of operation, 80% of what we grow is propagated directly from seed in our own greenhouses. In other words we are almost entirely self-sufficient which dramatically reduces overhead. Therefore, our savings are reflected in the savings that we pass on to you.

2) Buying from Solana Select is like buying straight from a palm tree factory as opposed to buying from a retail store or nursery where almost ALL of their plants are bought from a third party. In other words there is no middle man when you buy from us.

Selection, quality, price, and service are all factors that make Solana Select the very best value operation. If you need palms for a client's job or plan on landscaping your own home or business, Contact Us.